The UPS Your Business Can’t Be Without

(And No, We’re Not Talking About The Delivery Guys!)

A UPS, or uninterruptible power supply, is a battery backup power source for computers, servers and network equipment. When there is a power surge or an outage, a UPS will keep your equipment going long enough to save any documents and shut down the machine properly.

The average business in Trinidad and Tobago will experience an average of 4 power outages per month in addition to countless fluctuations in voltage. This can be potentially harmful and costly to business and users for a number of reasons:

Damage to Hardware Assets – Sudden power surges and outages can cause serious internal damage to computer assets. While a damaged power supply may be replaceable, a fried motherboard or hard drive can be costly if not irreparable.

Corruption of Network – While many home PCs or non-critical workstations can live without a UPS, a server cannot. Servers run 24-7 providing files and services to a number of other machines. A sudden shutdown can corrupt files on the server causing more widespread damage across the network.

Loss of Critical Data – If you’re working on an important document when the power goes, one of three things can happen:

 #1 – Your document could be gone forever.