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5 Things Every Business Owner can learn from an Enterprise IT Audit

Perhaps one of the most impactful and transformational services we offer to organizations is Enterprise IT Auditing.

An Enterprise IT Audit is a consultancy engagement that examines every component of an organization’s ICT portfolio to uncover deficiencies and advise on how best to correct them.

The major deliverable of this exercise is a Strategic Information Systems Plan – a working document that considers all our findings from the Audit and provides actionable recommendations to guide an organization’s ICT decision making.

The Strategic Plan typically covers 3 years and is tailored to an organization’s unique environment. It helps top level management to better understand their technology environments and approach the action items in a structured way.

As much as we encourage companies and IT Departments to complete periodic IT Audits, we also welcome third party audits ourselves.

Technology evolves very rapidly and it can be difficult to keep pace with changes that may impact the client environments we manage.

It’s always helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes to help us to identify areas where we can improve.

That being said, here are 5 things every business owner can learn from an Enterprise IT Audit:

Cybersecurity Posture

A key component of an IT Audit is an Enterprise Risk Assessment done by certified cyber security experts.

You’ll discover how exposed your business is to a cyber attack and where security gaps exist on the internal network. You’ll also find out if our firewall is configured correctly and whether you have compromised passwords floating on the Dark Web.

Productivity Killers

Are IT issues affecting staff productivity and costing your business money?

A hardware audit will uncover those old, slow and underperforming resources that are grinding business to a halt and provide recommendations to upgrade or replace.

The exercise will also determine whether your core business applications are performing optimally and are aligned with your business goals.

Operational Challenges

Every company has entrenched manual processes that could perhaps be done more efficiently using technology.

Through interviews with staff members, we perform a deep dive to uncover work habits that cost your business time and money. We ask questions like:

Do you have everything you need to perform your job to your maximum ability?

Why are you still using an Excel workbook for that?

Why are you doing this workaround that takes more time and how can we fix it?

Customers’ Pain Points

Through research, we typically find that a business’ customers encounter common and unresolved complaints while transacting business with an organization.

Many times, we find that these issues are entirely solvable using technology.

Almost every time, implementing solutions to fix these issues results in immediate improvements and customer service satisfaction.

Revenue Generating Opportunities

Businesses often struggle to keep on top of their existing IT, far less understand new technologies that can be adopted to improve their bottom lines.

Perhaps the company website is in dire need of a revamp or the company’s social media presence is lacking.

Maybe there is an opportunity to reach your customer base by implementing a simple email marketing solution.

Or likely there are new ways of doing business that industry leaders have already adopted and can be leveraged to your company.

A SWOT Analysis seeks to uncover these and the Strategic Plan seeks to chart the path to implementing projects and onboarding new technology.

If you would like more information on our Enterprise IT Audit Services, contact us today to find out more.

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