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Tech Trends for Businesses in 2015

With the advent of the New Year, small to medium sized businesses are making diligent considerations surrounding opportunities for the upcoming calendar year. A number of current trends in the world of Information Technology are set to impact organizations in 2015, and staying on top of these can positively contribute to business success.

As your trusted technology advisor, ROSE ITSL is committed to keeping our clients at the forefront of technology in 2015 and beyond. Here are a few particular tech trends to look out for:

Security Risks

Last year saw a huge number of small to medium sized businesses adversely affected by a spike in viruses, spam, data hacks and other malicious attacks. Spam emails have become more convincing and resilient to even the most robust antivirus software. Even some of the largest global organizations have been victims of hacking and data theft, and this is predicted to continue resulting in further downtime and losses.

To this end, it is important that organizations acknowledge this signficant threat and adopt an appropriate level of IT security; inclusive of proactive management of their IT assets to mitigate against the risks.

Mobile Computing

Businesses will continue to implement mobile solutions such as smartphones, tablets, hybrid devices, etc. for their employees. These solutions provide a significant business benefit due to their applicability in diverse contexts and environments.

In the coming year, the challenge for businesses will be not only to adopt these mobile solutions; but also to figure out how best to securely incorporate them into their existing technology portfolio.

Cloud Computing

With the increased demand for mobility by business owners and employees alike, the convergence of cloud and mobile computing will continue to promote the growth of centrally coordinated applications that can be delivered to any device, anywhere at any time (Think Outlook 365, Google Apps, Dropbox and a myriad of other productivity apps).

This widespread move to the cloud holds a definite potential to deliver cost savings and increased productivity to small and medium sized businesses.

Microsoft Windows

With the end of support of Windows XP now in the rear view, it is fair to say Windows 8 and 8.1 were not quite as well received as previous Microsoft operating systems. Microsoft promises the resurgence of a better balance between the traditional desktop and touch interfaces with their new Windows 10 OS.

The resurrection and modernization of the highly regarded and truly missed Start menu is one such promise. Windows 10 promises to deliver a great benefit for both businesses and consumers alike.

Software Defined Applications and Infrastructure

Software defined networking, storage, data centers and security are maturing to deal with the rapidly changing demands of businesses worldwide. These new sophisticated tools are now more accessible than ever to businesses here in Trinidad and Tobago seeking to implement more robust and productive IT networks.

This is where the expertise of a Managed Services Provider like ROSE ITSL can deliver a true competitive advantage, helping to adopt and implement new cutting edge solutions.

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