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Tech Tips Roundup

Here is a quick roundup of our most popular Tech Tips to date.

Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts can slash time off your daily computer tasks and greatly enhance productivity. Why not print a copy of these and place near your workspace?

Similarly, sifting through email clutter on a daily basis can be a time consuming task, but Organizing Email using Outlook Rules can be a massive help to filtering through the pile.

Speaking of email, what did business professionals learn about email tracking and security from the whole “Emailgate” saga in Trinidad and Tobago? Check out our Lessons from Emailgate for a brief overview.

Did you know that you could get an exact up to the minute flight status directly through Google Search? This and some other neat tricks are covered in our 5 Cool Tricks using Google Search.

Finally, ever been frustrated working with and managing PDF documents? Review these Free Online Tools for Working with PDF Documents to access openly available productivity tools.

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