ROSE ITSL Laptop Buying Guide

Given the mind-boggling selection of laptops available today, picking the right laptop can be a daunting task.

For business leaders without a trusted technology advisor like ROSE ITSL, choosing the wrong equipment and models can result in unwanted post-purchase headaches like additional and inflated costs, performance and security related issues and frustrated staff members. This can in turn take a toll on overall productivity that can directly impact your organization’s bottom line.

With this in mind, we’ve created a printable Laptop Buying Guide that details the major features to look for when making your next purchase.

To better assist your decision making process, we’ve identified some common types of laptop users that should enable you to narrow down the array of choices. See if you can recognize yourself or your users within any of these descriptions:

Basic User – Your laptop should be budget friendly but powerful enough to replace your old desktop. You need a DVD drive, comfortable screen, good keyboard and it should work at a decent speed to accomplish those general computing tasks like browsing the web, social networking and simple productivity tasks like document creation and editing.

Corporate User – Your laptop should be secure and durable backed by a strong warranty. It should be able to store large amounts of data and sensitive information securely.