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Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts

Increase your efficiency with these handy keyboard shortcuts

Power users of computers know that learning a few simple keyboard shortcuts saves time over having to point and click your way through every task.

Here are just a few of the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts. Learning a few of these can greatly increase your efficiency as you manage your daily computer tasks. Why not print a copy of this email for easy reference at your workspace until you get familiar with these helpful shortcuts?

Windows System Key Combinations

  1. ALT+TAB – Switch between open programs

  2. ALT+F4 – Quit an open program

  3. SHIFT+DELETE – Delete an item permanently

  4. Windows Logo Key () + L – Lock the computer (without using CTRL+ALT+DELETE)

Windows Program Key Combinations

  1. CTRL+C – Copy

  2. CTRL+X – Cut

  3. CTRL+V – Paste

  4. CTRL+Z – Undo

  5. CTRL+B – Bold

  6. CTRL+U – Underline

  7. CTRL+ I – Italic

MS Word Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. CTRL + N – Open a new Word document quickly

  2. CTRL + O – Open a previously saved document

  3. CTRL + W – Closes the active window but does not exit Word

  4. CTRL + S – Saves the active document with its current filename, location and format

  5. CTRL + P – Prints the active document, also gives print options

  6. CTRL + Z – Undo the last action. Can be repeated several times

  7. CTRL + Y – Redo after an action has been undone

  8. CTRL + A – Selects all text and graphics in the active document

  9. CTRL + F – Find – Search for specific text in the active document

  10. CTRL + B – Bold selected text or remove bold formatting

  11. CTRL + I – Italic selected text or remove italic formatting

  12. CTRL + U – Underline selected text or remove underline formatting

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