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5 More Free Smartphone Apps to Help Boost Productivity (Pt. 2)

We’ve gotten some great feedback from our last Tech Tip that provided 5 Free Smartphone Apps to help boost productivity. Here are a few more free apps for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and more that can help you to be more productive without costing you a cent:

Google Drive app provides free, secure, cloud based storage for all your stuff. Upload photos, videos, documents, and other files that are important to you, then access what you need wherever you go, on any device. Provides up to 15GB of storage free and integrates seamlessly with your Google profile.

NFC Task Launcher is a free app that allows you to create and configure triggers for your phone to automate tasks based on your surroundings. For example, automatically silence your phone for meetings, automatically turn off Bluetooth when you leave your car to save battery power, or automatically silence phone and set alarm at nightstand and much more.

Flipboard allows you to read and collect the news you care about and package into your own personal magazine. Customize the content according to your interests and integrate with Facebook, Twitter and other social networking tools to keep up to date and stay connected to the people and topics that matter to you most.

FoxFi allows you to turn your Android phone into a free WiFi Hotspot – no rooting or tether plan required. You can then connect from any computers or tablets or even a game console to use the internet connection provided from your smartphone.

Viber lets you send free messages and make free calls to any other Viber users, on any device and network, in any country. Integrates with your phone address book to show other users that have the application installed. Works best on WiFi connection or 4g.

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