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5 Cool Tricks using Google Search

The name Google has become synonymous with search but did you know there is a lot more you can do besides just search for content?

1. Check Flight Status – Need to know what time you should be at the airport curb to meet your arriving party? Simply enter the airline flight number in the search box to obtain the latest flight status.

2. Currency Conversion – Easily perform a currency conversion by entering the amount and type of currency, to and the currency to which you wish to convert.

3. Define a word – Look up definitions using Google by entering “define:word” in the Search Box (replace word with the term you wish to define).

4. Check Weather – Simply type “weather” in the search box and Google will return your local forecast based on your IP address. For a specific location, simply type “weather:nameofcity” and Google will return a forecast for your desired location.

5. Convert Measurements – Easily convert measurements by typing the amount and measurement to convert, to, and the measurement to which you wish to convert.

For a complete list of Tips and Tricks using Google Search, click here:

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